About Us

In the 70s our company was established as Temsa Industry and Trading Company. In 1986, Temsa became Temsa Mining & Machine Industry and Trading Company Inc. We specialise in representing and marketing mining and steel industries' products with our established experience and knowledge.

During the 80s, when Turkey was developing their mining industry, Temsa took an important place with the world’s famous electric and other mining equipment in Turkey. This equipment’s training and support is still remembered by the mining industry.

With this same strategy, our company provides similar services to companies such as XTEK (which has a 100 year background) in the steel industry. Our services basically covers mills' heavy duty transmissions, gears and gear boxes, shafts, pinions, couplings, universal joints, cranes, crane wheels, crane rope drums, brake drums, rollers, pinch rolls, wear plates, graphic electrodes, thickness measurement tools, knives, various size steel ropes and many other products.

Also, our company provides service ,solving problems and find solutions with the knowledge and technology of our own and represented companies to help the local companies.

Our Vision

With the last 30 years experience in the mining and steel industry, accumulated knowledge and completely authorised agency relations, our vision is to provide our customers with finding solutions, transferring technology, improving their production and becoming a solution partner in the industry.