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Xtek, Inc. designs and manufactures custom machined parts and assemblies for heavy industries. Xtek focuses on 5 major product groups - Wheel, Gear, Coupling, Roll, and Below the Hook Lifting Products. We have dedicated regional service facilities for these products.

The company was founded in 1909 and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA with plants in Hammond, Indiana; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; and Plzen, Czech Republic. Xtek is an Employee Owned, ISO 9001 certified company.

Xtek is a member of AGMA, AIST, ASME and ASM.

Specific products provided by Xtek Include

• Crane Wheels,
• Sheave Wheels,
• Brake Wheels,
• Custom Gearing,
• Mill Pinions,
• Gearboxes,
• Geared Spindle Couplings,
• Universal Joints,
• Motor Couplings,
• Cold Mill Work Rolls,
• Edger Rolls,
• Temperature Controlled Rolls,
• Downcoiler Pinch Rolls,
• Plate Mill Leveler Rolls,
• Rope Drums,
• Custom Below the Hook Lifting Equipment

Xtek provides engineering services, such as failure analysis, reverse engineer, upgrade design, mechanical inspection, non-destructive inspection service, in house manufacturing and heat treating, disassembly and assembly services and breakdown service.

Xtek products are found in heavy industry, to include Steel, Aluminum, Mining, Shipyards, Paper and Power Generation. Customers are serviced Worldwide.

>>> for additional information please visit Xtek Technologies corporate website