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There is often a world of difference between the old and the new – a difference in quality and reliability as well as functionality. This applies to many things, and it also applies to the expensive components which keep your production processes up and running.

When these components reach the end of their normal lifespan, you generally have two options: making a major investment and replacing them or investing significantly less and having them reconditioned by a company specialised in this kind of work – a company that has built up an excellent reputation since 1944 as a leading supplier and service partner in the world of industrial components and surface technologies. Welcome to the world of Habets Industrial Components & Surface Technology

We are a globally oriented organisation with over six decades of experience in metal machining, machine building, and reconditioning large industrial components. We also haveover 40 years of experience with thermal spraying processes for extending the usable lifespan of components and have been active for many years as a producer and service partner for customer-specific process rollers such as conveyor belt rollers, transport rolls and guiding rolls. In themselves, these three areas of activity are not that unusual, but the fact that we carry out all three under one roof makes us a unique partner in the industry. Thanks to this combination and our extensive track record, we can make a difference for you as well!


High Grip Runout Table Roll

Chock Repair For Hot-/Cold Mills

Wear Resist Screen-bed Rolls for Pellets

Heavy Duty Beltconveyor Rollers

Thermal Spraying Durable Industrial Coatings

Thermal Spraying Seeve Guiding Roll

Thermal Spraying Screen-Bed Rolls For Pellets

Thermal Spraying Repair of Rolls For The Steel Industry

>>> for additional information please visit Habets corporate website