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The business activities of the PILSEN STEEL include production and sale of steel, ductile- and grey-iron castings, ingots and finish-machined forgings for various industries, in particular power generation, shipbuilding and rolling mills. The scope of the company activities allows for complete product making and processing "under one roof", i.e. starting with steel making, casting and forging through to rough and finish machining according to the customer needs.

Delivered to the company customers are complex project solutions with castings and forgings finish machined, surface treated and provided with the required quality certificates. Expertise and consulting services are available to those customers who cannot define their detailed product specifications. The methods used for these purposes include reengineering, stress analysis, design of special-purpose manufacturing processes and others.

Exports represent more than two thirds of the company production.

The products can be found in operation all over the world like the "London Eye" Ferris wheel on the bank of the Thames in London where PILSEN STEEL delivered the wheel shaft and other castings of total weight 200 t. PILSEN STEEL is also the world biggest producer of windmill shafts and one of the biggest suppliers of large crankshafts for 4-stroke diesel engines.


PILSEN STEEL delivers a large variety of forgings up to 205 t designed for a range of industries such as shipbuilding, wind power generation, rolling mills, nuclear, etc.

Crankshafts heavy crankshafts for four stroke diesel engines, compressors and pumps
Windmill Shafts shafts for wind power plants of all existing sizes
Rotor Forgings for steam turbines and generators
Rolls Forged work and back up rolls
Ship Shafts propeller shafts, intermediate shafts, rudder stocks
General Machinery forgings for electric motors, oil & gas industry, excentric shafts for rolling mills, mechanical presses and all other possible shaped forging for industrial need


PILSEN STEEL is in a position to supply high quality steel and ductile / grey iron castings weight in the range 1,5 up to 300 tons for the use of the entire engineering industry, as follows:

Power Generation for steam, gas, wind and water turbines production range covers turbine casings including construction welding, inlets, blade carriers, valves, hubs, blades, crowns and bands
Engine Blocks, Compressors, Pumps, Gear Boxes
Forming Machines mill housings, parts of heavy presses, hammers, anvils, chocks and many other items
Machine Tools all kind of castings for heavy lathes, milling machines, boring machines and all other types of large machine tools
General Machinery any kind of steel and iron casting in the weight range 1 - 180 tons for all industrial applications
Patterns any pattern as regardless its size, length or shape


PILSEN STEEL offers ingots for further forging or rolling. We are able to produce ingots up to 250 tons.

Bottom Poured
Round Ingots up to 27 tons
Polygonal Ingots up to 140 tons
Carbon, Low & High Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel


PILSEN STEEL can offer to supply a large variety of steel, iron and steel castings and forgings for nuclear purposes.
PILSEN STEEL has a long tradition and experience in the production for conventional and nuclear energy industries. The complete VVER 440 MW and VVER 100 MW pressure vessels have been previously made for nuclear energetics.
Low, Mid and High-pressure rotors including components for completion of turboset, and forging and casting manufacture for primary and secondary circuits shall also be numbered among the products for nuclear energetics. Further products include cast and forged vessels for spent nuclear fuel.


>>> for additional information please visit Pilsen Steel corporate website