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Combining industry-best performance and reliability with a global support structure

NDC develops and manufactures gauging and analyzer systems for a wide range of process industries. The company manufactures in USA, UK and Belgium and has direct sales and support operations in China, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Brazil, and support and distribution in over 60 countries worldwide. Our global client base consists of some of the world’s most successful companies who rely on NDC to ensure that their product performance, process yield and quality meet the stringent standards demanded by their customers.


NDC Systems

Web gauging systems for the converting, extrusion, calendering and nonwovens industries, providing real-time measurement of key product parameters such as coating or lamination thickness, basis weight and product thickness.

NDC Sensors

Process instrumentation for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical, mineral and bulk materials and tobacco industries, providing on-line and at-line NIR (near infrared) measurements of constituents such as moisture, fat and protein content.

IRM Metals Gauging Systems

Rugged in-process gauging systems for the steel and non-ferrous metals industries, delivering rugged measurements of key parameters such as thickness, width and flatness, and sinter permeability and oxidation state.

>>> for additional information please visit NDC Technologies corporate website