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Ever since 1911, MK has been the leader in roll manufacturing.

In 1951, the first European compound static roll was cast by MK. In 1970, MK adapted the vertical spin casting process, its technology and manufacturing process.

This on-going innovation process compells all MK personnel to adapt the most advanced technologies in casting, control and machining to roll manufacturing.

This development in itself creates a specific roll quality assured by thorough knowledge of the process. This enables MK to be the first to introduce the latest and best adapted qualities on the market with the further asset of know-how from the most advanced Hot Strip Mills.

Product Mastery

Our range of activities includes the entire manufacture of cast rolls for the rolling of flat products.

The most common application of our products is use on Hot Strip Mills, Steckel Mills and Plate Mills.

The adaptation of the roll to each mill with its specific requirements is obviously considered standard procedure at MK. MK facilities enable the production of work rolls between 4 and 40 tons and a capacity of 8,500 tons annually of finished rolls that corresponds to 750 / 850 rolls with an average weight of 10 / 11 tons.

MK's proficiency in the vertical spin casting process, heat treatment, machining, and last but not least, full automatic ultrasonic control has achieved a mastery for ultimate quality.

Indefinite Chill double Pour ► HSM rear finishing stands, Plate Mills, Skin-Pass


Micro-alloyed ICDP (Vega)

ICDP special Heat Treatment

High chromium iron

Comet 90 ► Front finishing stands / Skin-Pass

Comet 70 ► Plate Mill work rolls, roughing work rolls

rolls for checkered and tear plates

High Speed Steel (HSS) ► HSM front finishing stands


Aurora I, II

High chromium steel ► HSM roughing mills


Semi-HSS and HSS for HSM roughing stands



>>> for additional information please visit Marichal Ketin corporate website